Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy meant for this website. It is served by EVERSHOTS and regulates the privacy of its users.

This policy details the various areas where the user’s privacy is relevant. It outlines the rules, requirements, and obligations of the users, website, and the owners. Also, the policy will give detailed information about the way this portal processes, stores and safeguards user data and information.

The Website

The website and the owners (EVERSHOTS) are proactive in ensuring optimum security of user’s privacy. We are in complete compliance with all relevant Indian IT and commerce laws regarding protection of user privacy.

Your Contact Details

Users contacting us are doing so voluntarily and at their discretion. Providing any form of personal information on this website is up to the user, and at their own risk.

Any personal information is kept discretely and stored safely until a time when it is no longer relevant or required, by the latest Data Protection regulations. The website will make all efforts to safeguard any personal information of the user through an efficient and secure email system however users are advised to use this emailing system for contact and communication at their own risk.

The information collected by the website and its owners aimed at providing relevant information to resolve visitors queries in the best possible way. This information may include (but not limited to) email newsletters programs by the website, only when your express permission has received regarding it. The newsletter may also send in case it helps to answer the previous query or search for a product/service on the website. The data kept secure and not shared with any third parties.

Use of Cookies

The site accepts cookies to enhance user experience on the web pages. The cookie control system gives the client a choice. The customer can determine whether to allow or prevent the website from sending cookies to their devices. This option is in adherence to laws that require the user to be given a choice before leaving behind or reading a file on the user’s machine.

Cookies are small-sized files that saved on the user’s device, which help the website to track, collect and store the information about the user’s interaction. Studying user behavior helps to offer a better and improved user experience next time.

Users can choose to block receiving cookies from this site. Use the security options on your device’s browser to ‘disable’ cookies. We will use Google Analytics-powered software to monitor user behavior on this site. This uses cookies to collect and analyze user data pattern and design a more relevant webpage and content for the particular user.

Our external vendors may also store cookies on your device’s hard disk. These are affiliates who are part of the referral programs, advertisements or sponsored links to the website. The cookies mainly used for conversion and referral tracking. These usually expire automatically after 30 days from the device’s hard disk, while some may take longer too. Cookies will not collect, store or save the user’s personal information.

Clicking on External links

External links here include any clickable text, image or banner links to other websites. This site ensures high quality and safe external links on it. Users are also advised to use caution before clicking on any external links on this website.

The website owners do not guarantee the level of authenticity or security provided by any external links to other websites from here. Users may click on external links at their own risk.

Clicking on Advertisements/Sponsored Links

The website may contain sponsored advertisements and links, which is provided by outside vendors with their privacy policy regarding user data safety.

Clicking on any such link will direct you towards the advertiser’s website through a referral program. That program may use cookies to track the number of referrals received from the site. Users at that moment advised clicking on sponsored links and external advertisements at their own risk.

Using Social Media Platforms

Any communication, contact, and engagement using a social media platform between the users and website/owners directed to the applicable terms and conditions as well as privacy policies of the individual social media platforms.

Users are highly advised to be responsible and cautious using social media platforms when engaging or communicating with the website and its owners while passing any personal or private information. The website/owners do not ask for any individual or sensitive information through social media platforms. Users who wish to discuss/share personal or confidential information with us, encourage the appropriate official channels of communication (such as email or telephone).

The website may use social media buttons that help users to share web content from the site directly to the particular webpage. Users should note that they do so at their risk. It is also important to note that the social media platform may also track and store your sharing request on its action log for your distinct account.

We hope that this Privacy Policy has been clear to understand and there are no doubts regarding the processing, storing and saving of user’s personal information and sensitive details on this website.